Questions to think about before you hire a Personal Chef

Personal Chefs

A personal chef can be very beneficial , but take the following considerations in your thought process before you book their services.

The following are more aimed at a family that is looking to hire a personal chef for an extended period but they may still be relevant if you are hiring a personal chef to cater a dinner part or other special occasion.

Questions for your Personal Chef

  1. What are your exact needs?  A personal chef should save you money overall.  When they go to the market, they have a specific shopping list that based upon your agreed menu.  Therefore, impulse buying and wastage becomes a non-issue.  It also saves you time from going to the market multiple times per week and they often have preferred wholesale rates with certain suppliers.
  2. Arrange a time for the personal chef to come to your home that is convenient for you for them to cook the meals.  Some people prefer to be home at the time, others do not.  If you wish to be at home, make sure you do not have children underfoot in the kitchen while the personal chef is working.
  3. How many meals per week do you really need or is is for a one off special occasion?
  4. Do you want your personal chef to prepare meals that leave you with leftovers so you don’t have to cook on weekends?
  5. Which days are most demanding in terms of your work schedule?
  6. What days do your children have the most activities?  You most definitely want a personal chef’s services on the nights when you are juggling dance lessons, karate lessons and soccer practice.
  7. Will this your needs vary throughout the year (e.g., not during summer vacations, and more on holidays)?
  8. Advise the personal chef of any special dietary needs. I personally am fructose intolerant (Trust me on this one, fructose is everywhere!).  Does anyone in your household require a gluten free diet or are diabetic?  Do you have children or a partner that is a particularly finicky eater?  Personal chefs are generally trained through some time of culinary school and are well-versed in how to manage and accommodate the dietary needs of your family.
  9. Do you generally host family holidays, BBQ’s or dinner parties?  Beyond your typical week in and week out needs, you may require special event needs and on a regular basis.  I know of people who host dinner parties routinely for business, so once a month they need assistance in addition to their regular needs.
  10. Is your personal chef amenable to cooking kid-friendly foods?  Do you potentially want separate meals to eat on some nights?
  11. Is there a particular type of ethnic(s) food you enjoy?  Do you like to explore new types of cuisine?  My rule of thumb is we try one new recipe per week, whether my family likes it or not!
  12. Do you have specific religious practices that prohibit certain foods from your diet long term?  For example, are you Hindu and can’t eat pork?
  13.  Are there certain times of the year you are prohibited from eating certain foods?  For example, during the Lenten season and you are Catholic, you may elect to no meat on Fridays, only fish.
  14. Do you require kosher foods as your regular diet?
  15. What can you afford in terms of a personal chef’s services?
All of the above questions will help you decide the best questions to ask yourself and your personal chef before making an enquiry. Whether you are hiring a chef for regular cooking or a one off occasion, make sure you have think about these and more to get the most out of your personal chef.

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