UK Food and Drink Trends for 2014

Food and Drink Trends 2014

It’s important for me, as a personal chef, to keep an eye on rising food and drink trends, as I’m always looking for fresh, unexpected ingredients and techniques to include in my own recipes. 2014 is shaping up to be another exciting year in the world of food and drink here are some food and drink trends for 2014  that are particularly exciting:

Food Trends 2014…

Trend:Cooking for Less:

Eating on a budget is such a necessity that it has become a trend. And it actually brings people together. “Economy eating” as it’s sometimes referred to, is  about sharing the dining experience to save money – dine together, share ingredients, and spend less. There’s a focus on eating locally, and growing produce in every space possible – rooftops, balconies, etc., city life and concrete don’t stop people from gardening.


Trend: The New Superfood:

We hear the term a lot. It immediately brings to mind kale, quinoa, sweet potatoes… But there’s a new superfood in town – Buckwheat. It’s gluten free, as it is a fruit seed. It’s being used in place of grains like rice, couscous, and quinoa, and it’s delicious and oh, so healthy.

Trend: Single Choice Menus:

Restaurants are finding success in focusing on one main ingredient, and preparing it to perfection. This strategy eliminates the stress of flipping through a menu with tons of options and having no idea what to order. When you go to an establishment that focuses on one dominant ingredient, you know what you’re going to get, and you know it’s going to be great.

Trend: Alternative Sandwiches:

A sandwich is so incredibly versatile. Many cultures have their own take on it- from pitas, to wraps, to paninis. Sandwiches will always be “in”, but experimenting with the many possibilities of sandwiches is the current trend right now – it’s all about pushing the boundaries and taking risks using interesting ingredients, and combining them in fresh, new ways.

Trend: The Not-Quite-Vegetarian:

Completely ruling out meat is a little too extreme for a lot of people who are looking for a healthier diet. So, flexitarianism became the answer to this problem. The flexitarian cuts out most meat, and finds as many ways as possible to stuff veggies into their daily dishes.

Trend: Truffles for All:

We’re all used to seeing truffle items on the menus of fine dining establishments, but truffles are soon to become more accessible and more common in everyday cooking. There is a recent emergence of truffle crisps and truffle biscuits on shelves, and probably, in your kitchen soon.

Drinks trends 2014…

Trend: Craft Beer:

Craft beer doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it’s on the rise. Craft beer is all about small, independent breweries that produce limited batches. There is a strong focus on quality, artisanal ingredients, ramping up the flavor, and local production. The packaging tends to be of note, too- quirky, artistic and eye catching designs.

Trend: Bottled Cocktails:

There is a lot of talk about this one. A cocktail in a bottle seems wrong to some, but there are definite perks. Bottled cocktails are all about creating a high quality classic, stripped down cocktail to perfection.  A bottled cocktail is more consistent than a bartender could ever be, and they make bar service quicker and more efficient. If you’re interested, these cocktails are slowly making their way to home bars. Would you serve them to your guests?

Trend: Cocktails on Tap:

Like the bottled cocktail, cocktails on draught are fantastic for bars because it makes the service quicker, thinning the crowds of people clawing their way to the bar top. But the public is in favor of this growing trend, too. One of the great perks: there is a noticeable improvement in the drink as it ages – something a made-to-order cocktail doesn’t have the time to do. So they save time, money and they taste better – what’s not to love?


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