Personal Chef Tips – Last Minute Dinner Party Tips

Personal chefs are experts when it comes to exceptional dinner parties, here are some tips from the pros to remember in the last minutes before your guest arrive:

1. Hit the Lights

Focus on lamps, lanterns, or a twinkling string of lights. Keep the overhead lighting at a minimum, or off completely. Use candles to set the mood.

2. Press Play

Make sure to have appropriate music playing when your guests arrive. Here are a few tips on creating the perfect playlist .

 3. How’s the Bathroom Looking?

Give the bathroom a once over. Fresh towels? Plenty of toilet paper and soap? When it’s guest-ready, stick a scented candle in there for a nice finishing touch.

4. Chill the Drinks

Don’t wait until your guests come to chill the drinks, have them cold and ready for their arrival, so you have something to offer them right away.

5. Nibbles

You probably won’t sit down to eat immediately, so have something out to hold your guests over until it’s time for dinner. Nuts are always a safe bet; fresh fruit, a veggie platter, nothing too fancy or filling – save that for the main event. Or maybe you’d like to serve some more substantial appetizers right away. Here is a fun list of some of the latest trends in appetizers.


After everything is in place, and you feel ready for the arrival of your dinner guests, here are a few things to remind yourself in order to put your mind at ease…


1. Relax

When you are at ease, your guests are at ease. So don’t stress too hard about making your guests happy. Just the fact that you’ve invited them over for a meal in your home makes them happy – remember that. Don’t do the dishes in the middle of the party. Don’t constantly worry over whether or not your guests’ wine glasses are filled all the way. The party should be as fun for you as it is for your guests.

2. Hosting a Dinner Party is Important

Some say that an excellent dinner party is a dying art. But by hosting one, you are keeping it alive. Entertaining guest brings people together, and spreads happiness. The rapid growth of technology sometimes diminishes social interaction and makes it easy for people to stay at home on a Friday night. You are counteracting this trend by hosting friends in your home. Good job!

3. They’re Here to See You

Make the table look beautiful, plan the perfect menu, put flowers and candles and potpourri all over the house. The guests will love it. But keep in mind the real reason you’re doing this. To spend time in the company of people you love. And that’s why your guests came too – to be with you, not to be served by you. So have fun with the food and go all out on the table settings, but don’t forget what it’s all about. Good friends coming together for some great conversation, on a night that they will never forget.

If you don’t feel like cooking at all then simply hire a personal chef to shop, cook, serve your food and clean up afterwards!


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