Private Dining experiences are in high demand across The UK. With increased pressure to live up to rock star status in the kitchen, many hosts are turning to personal chefs to prepare Michelin Star restaurant food for them at their own home dinner parties.

We asked our customers the main reasons they choose to hire a personal chef for their dinner parties. Here are their top answers.

1. High Expectations from Guests

It’s no secret that food has gained serious clout as an art form, as well as a serious platform for competition. With that said, not every host can or has the desire to stress themselves out trying to achieve five star quality cooking status when they are preparing for their own dinner parties.

With all of the pressure on today’s dinner party hosts, hiring a top chef to prepare your meal for you is becoming more desirable than ever. Not only will your meal prepared by a top quality personal chef wow your guests, you, as the host, will be able to relax and actually enjoy the dinner party.

2. A Desire to Focus on Hosting

We’ve probably all thrown at least one dinner party before. The scenario usually looks like this: you spend all night in the kitchen, stressing about food prep, service, and clean up, in addition to having to play the perfect host.

Hiring a chef removes all of the stress of dinner prep, freeing you up to a be a relaxed and fun hostess for your guests.

3. Enjoying Special Occasions

Special occasions are the most popular reason that people hire a personal chef. On a special night, the concerns of an everyday dinner party come together and become even more stressful when so much is riding on one meal and one special day.

For Anniversaries, Birthday parties or dinners, and every type of celebration you could imagine you want great food and amazing wine throughout the evening so you and your guests can celebrate your special occasion together.

4. Mixing it Up

Everyone has a go to dish, or even a go to menu that they prepare for dinner parties or special occasions. But trying something new is what keeps things interesting. By hiring a personal chef, you get to try something new that you would not usually experience at home. This variety is why most people go to restaurants. But why wait in line, struggle to snag a reservation when a five star chef can prepare exciting new food right in your own home?

5. Your own private space

Sometimes a special event or even an intimate dinner party really calls for privacy. This is very hard to accommodate in a restaurant setting.

A crowded, bustling restaurant is not always what you want for your event or dinner. Private dining in your own home, prepared by a top chef really cannot be matched in quality or experience and tailored service that fits your needs exactly.

6. Child Friendly

Anyone who has children can tell you how hard it is, if not impossible it is, to bring young ones to a fine restaurant.

Hiring a babysitter is of course an option, but that adds another cost to an already pricey evening. Parents can really take advantage of hiring a personal chef and can enjoy both the company of friends and fine food, while knowing that their children are safely asleep in their own home.

7. Conveniently Located

Most fine dining is going to be located in a bustling part of town where parking will most likely be both costly and difficult to find, and a taxi can add another additional bill to your night.

8. Inflated Wine Prices

If you are a person who appreciates good wine, you will know how much more expensive a good bottle will cost you in a restaurant. In most cases, your wine will cost more than your meal.

Private sommeliers are now available and can save you big if you keep the party at home.

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