Tim Owen – Personal Chef Bristol

Personal Chef Tim Owen has lived in Bristol all his life and is a self-confessed foodie, with a particular passion for seasonal West country produce.

“I have cooked since I was 6 or 7 and was making souffle omelettes by the age of 10. I became obsessed with food in the 90s and was inspired at the time by Keith Floyd’s eccentric and international approach to cooking. My whole life now revolves around cooking”.


After years of cooking for friends at home to rave reviews Tim decided to have a change of career and follow his passion full time by becoming a chef. He joined the acclaimed Star and Dove designing and developing menus before setting up his own catering firm and then establishing one of Bristol’s most successful supperclubs.

Tim is all about engaging with customers, and you can be sure to enjoy his personality as well as his food.

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