Loic Le Pape has been providing his service as a chef for over thirty years both professionally and for pleasure. Born in the Loire Valley, Loic was raised in a small village called La Bohalle not far from the lovely town of Saumur.

Starting very young as a chef, Loic came to work in England at the age of 20 and has worked for some of France and the UK’s finest eateries. Loic has had the honor of preparing dishes for a variety of prestigious clientele such as Francois MitterandTony CurtisVictoria PrincipalRonald Reagan to name just a few.

Inspired by his love of cooking Loic enjoys putting a smile on his customer’s faces. Creating a culinary feast that satisfies whilst delivering exceptional service with a personal touch is the priority for Loic and the team.

Loic has worked with some of the most luxury restaurants, including:

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Loic Food was very tasty, well presented.

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Irene Peters (London)
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