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One of the biggest obstacles for throwing a dinner party in a small space, is setting aside preconceived notions that dinner parties must be large, super formal, overly glamorous, and require a huge space in order to be fun. All of these can be set aside. The only thing you need to throw a great dinner party is a desire to bring your friends or family into your home and share great food wit them. And a great dinner party chef doesn’t hurt either.
When you are planning a dinner party, a personal chef can help you assess what kind of menu will best suit your needs and the needs of your guests while considering the space you are working with to prepare and serve.


Here are 5 tips that will get you and your dinner party chef on your way to a fabulous party.


Just go for it –

As noted, the first thing you need to do is set aside any roadblocks you have, and simply go ahead and start making plans to throw a diner party. Decide on your guest list, hire a chef, and you are half way there.
Move the furniture-In a small space the dining table is often pushed against a wall or placed in a corner to save space and pulled out when you need it. For a dinner party don’t be afraid to move your furniture around in a way that suits just that evening. Give the dining table center stage, move the sofa to create a small seating area, and relocate small end tables, lamps, and other portable items into unused rooms, such as your bedroom. Move furniture with just the dinner party in mind, and you will find enough extra space to host your dinner party.

Set the mood-

Since your dinner party chef has the menu covered, you’ve got some extra time to dedicate to details, like mood lighting. Try and avoid using sterile overhead lighting at a dinner party. Instead, choose tea lights, candles, and string lights to create a beautiful glow. String lights are an interesting way to add a bit of romance and mood to a table as well.

Engage your guests-

Guests love to feel part of the experience when they come to a dinner party. One way to do this is to create a menu and incorporate it into the space. Ask your dinner party chef for menu details and then make it available for guests. You can either print out individual place setting menus, or for a more modern and fun approach, you can write up a large scale menu on a chalkboard or a piece of butcher’s paper and hang it near the dining table or eating area. Creating a menu is a great way to get guests excited for and talking about the evening.


We all know that the key ingredient to a great dinner party is a relaxed and happy host. Throwing a dinner party definitely takes some work, but it’s definitely worth it when you see how much fun you and your friends and family have. To ensure success, remember to hire a great chef so that you can enjoy the evening you spent so much time planning.

So whether you live in a small one bedroom or studio apartment, you can still throw an amazing dinner party by keeping in mind these 5 tips.

Bonus Tip: Utilize outdoor space if you have it! Rooftop access or even a tiny terrace can be a fun setting in nicer weather.


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