Dinner Party Ideas

Of late, many articles have been written about the dinner party. More specifically how the dinner party is a lost art. Some say that our busy lives, consumed by technology and on-the-go living prevents us from taking, or even having, the time to do all of the things that make a dinner party possible. Guest lists, invitations, menu planning, serving- not many feel they can fit these things into their already packed schedule.

But there are also those believe that the dinner party is alive and well, and absolutely making a strong comeback. In these hectic times, we need these moments with friends and family more than ever. The dinner party has not disappeared, it has simply changed its shape.  The end results are the same, friends and family gathered around your table sharing conversation- but how we get there looks a bit different. Today’s host may not have time to labor over a menu for days, shop, decorate, and then prepare the dinner. But he or she does have instant access to amazing five star chefs that can take care of all of these details. Hiring a dinner party chef allows you to create that classic dinner party atmosphere that makes sense with your busy modern lifestyle.

Here are some great ways to revive the art of the dinner party and bring it into your home.

Decide on a guest list-The first thing to consider is how many people your space can accommodate and if you want to have a large party or an intimate dinner. The size of your guest list will affect the rest of the event’s plans.

Invitations- Of course some still love the idea of paper invitations, but if you want to save some time and money, consider sending an electronic invitation. There are companies online that create electronic invitations with personal touches that give these invites a classic invitation feel, but with less than half the work. Busy hosts can manage RSVP’s online in one easy document that can be adjusted with any dietary accommodations and sent directly to the dinner party chef.

Hire a chef-Once you have an idea of the size of dinner party you would like to host, you’ll want to hire a chef. This is probably the most important ingredient to the modern dinner party. Hiring a personal chef for your dinner party allows you to serve  a great meal to your guests while being able to relax and enjoy your guests, sans all the preparation stress.

Create a fun menu-One of the many benefits of hiring a dinner party chef is that you are able to experiment with mew menu items. Get creative and surprise your guests with a new culinary experience. Be sure to check for allergies or dietary needs of your guests and provide your personal chef with that information before designing the menu.

 Leave yourself Time to get ready and have cocktails ready to go-with your dinner party chef taking care of everything in the kitchen for you, you will have time to make sure a cocktail station is set for your guests and still have time to get ready.

For many, the idea of hosting a dinner party is intimidating. Almost everyone who has hosted a dinner at some point in their lives has fallen into the common pitfalls of the over-ambitious host-elaborate menus with too many courses and side dishes and an ill-managed scheduled on party day- to name a few.  By taking advantage of modern conveniences and hiring a private chef, the dinner party can fast become your new favorite way to gather friends and family together.

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