Dinner Party Ideas

Thinking of throwing a dinner party but not sure where to start? These 5 simple dinner party ideas will help you pull together a warm and welcoming event.

Welcome guests with a drink– Set up a bar cart or table that guests can see as soon as they enter your home. Stock it generously with glasses, chilled white wine, red wine, whiskey, vodka, a mixer or two and plenty of ice. Consult your dinner party chef about which beverages would pair well with the appetizer selection. Place the cart or table so it floats in an area, so that multiple guests can easily access it from different angles. While guests fix themselves a drink, you can put last minute touches on the party. This handy idea buys you those few extra minutes you need right before the night goes full swing.

Snacking Stations-When you are setting up appetizers, consider asking your personal chef to create “snacking stations.” Place larger appetizers, like flat breads, centrally on a coffee table, have a station for nuts and olives near the bar, and place small bites on several side tables. As guests move around the room to sample food, they will mingle more naturally and the food will help spark conversation.

Be Present-Once the dinner party gets going and you move to the table, make sure to be there as much as you can. This may seem simple, but it is often overlooked by understandably stressed out hosts. Your guests are there to see you more than anything else. Consider hiring a dinner party chef so that you can offer an amazing menu and perform the most important task of the evening; being the present and relaxed host.

Desert in the Living Room-After dinner, let guests move a round a bit, stretch their legs, and switch up conversation partners as you move to the living room to serve coffee, dessert and aperitifs. Leaving the kitchen also clears the way for your caterer to get the mess from dinner sorted while you enjoy desert in a relaxed atmosphere sans the hustle and bustle of post party clean up. Ask your dinner party chef to set the living room near the end of dinner so plates, desserts, coffee, creamer, sugar, and aperitifs are ready to go when you and your guests make your way in to relax.

Parting Gifts– Favours may seem a bit old-fashioned, but thoughtful touches never go out of style. Everyone appreciates leaving a party with a little special something. Favours don’t have to be complicated to be appreciated. DIY party favours are a great way to add a final personal touch to your party. Infused sugars, individually wrapped cookies or mini pies, wrapped chocolates, or even mini bouquets all make beautiful and thoughtful favours for your guests.

Dinner parties don’t have to be complicated to be successful. Often times, the most simple affairs are the ones that people remember most fondly. Infuse these elements into your next gathering to create a memorable dinner party your friends and family will love.

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