An intimate dinner party is a great way to really explore a menu with a wide variety of courses. With a small amount of people, your private chef will be able to create highly intricate tasting notes that will impress your guests. Add in some great lighting, music, and good conversation for the perfect night in.

In the beginning stages of putting together your intimate dinner party, you’ll want to consider hiring a dinner party chef. While you can cook for an intimate dinner party on your own, every well-seasoned host knows that preparing a menu and cooking for even a small group of people is a daunting and stressful task. Make it easier on yourself and hire a private chef for your gathering.

Invitations- It’s always best to begin at the beginning. The invitations you choose will set the mood for your dinner party. And if it is an intimate affair, be sure to focus on that with your invitation. Remember that hosting a smaller number of guests allows you to really consider the details and make the invitation a true reflection of your dinner party and style.

It’s all in the Details– An intimate dinner party provides a wonderful opportunity for a highly detailed and multi-course menu, and is also a great time to really pay attention to every last detail of your table settings. Glasses, napkins, plates, bowls, service ware, and table décor all come together here to make a big statement to your guests. Speak with your dinner party chef when considering table settings. He or she will have suggestions on the best service ware and place setting style for your menu.

Choose a Theme– Choosing a specific theme is a great way to pull all of the elements of a dinner party together. Themes can be simple or intricate, casual or formal. Your dinner party chef can help you brainstorm themes that might work best for your dinner party.

Talk it Out– Good conversation is a crucial element at an intimate dinner party. Remember to introduce guests with interesting details and set people at the table in a way that will bring about good and easy conversation. Paying attention to these details will prevent you from hearing crickets half way through the night.

Lighting- lighting is one of the best ways to amp up the chic factor of your dinner party and not spend a ton of money. If you are indoors, use candles to create a wonderful glow. Don’t just light the table-remember to place candles in gathering areas, such as conversation hubs and the bar area. If your party is outdoors, string twinkle lights for a romantic and intimate vibe.  String clear lights in trees and over tables. You can also use candles outdoors. To prevent them from blowing out, place them in tall votive holders or inside of frosted, fire-proof votive bags.

Enjoy Yourself- often overlooked by hosts is that fact that the main reason people are attending your dinner party is to spend time with yours truly. Here’s where the decision to hire a private chef really pays off. While your dinner party chef takes care of the food, you are free to relax and enjoy all of your hard work. With a personal chef in the kitchen, you can focus on your most important job-being a relaxed and fun host!

Intimate dinner parties are all about bringing together a small group of clothes friends for a special experience. Your attention to detail will pay off threefold when your guests are talking about your dinner party far into the future. Find out more about hiring a dinner party chef.

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