Canape Menu

Canapés are having a big moment in the culinary sun. Aside from being great to look at, they are bursting with flavour and give people the opportunity to taste a wide variety of flavor profiles in one sitting. Our Personal Chefs are experts at creating wonderful Canapé options for your next function.

Small plates make great party additions because they encourage mingling among guests. Because of the intricate preparation it takes to create these small bites, it’s wise to hire a personal chef to create a canapé menu for your next event.

Canapés are perfect for weddings, showers, and large celebrations, but are also a great addition to small dinner parties. Ask your caterer about canapé options the next time you are planning a party or event.

Here are a few exciting canapés to consider.

Tequila Prawns with Bacon served with Lime aioli- Perfect for an outdoor dinner party or a beach-side bbq, these flavors really pop with freshness.

Brie and Cranberry Croque Monsieur-A classic sandwich, sized down with a little fruit flare makes for a great cocktail hour option.

Salad Shooters– Served in a large shot glass, these miniature salads are a perfect way to serve a menu staple. Guests enjoy a bit of lightness mixed into a menu, and salad shooters are an original way to incorporate a lighter option.

Sweet and Savoury Mini Tarts– Whether you serve raspberry and chocolate tarlettes, or sweet potato and caramelized onion mini tarts, these hand-held goodies are huge right now. Serving both sweet and savoury versions is a great way to tie the menu together.

Midnight Snack Miniatures– miniature versions of cookies and mil, grilled cheese and tomato soup shooters, and sliders with mini French fry cones are huge right now in the world of weddings. Served to guests later in the evening, these are a great way to keep the party going.

Caprese Canapés– While the combination of tomato, mozzarella, and basil is a classic and familiar one, the presentation possibilities of a caprese canapé are endless. Stacked, skewered, layered, or even with a few components puréed-like a tomato and mozzarella canapé with basil puree, or a caprese shooter- the variety of options and fresh flavor make always make these a winner.

Canapés range from simple to complex. When you hire a chef be sure to ask them about what they can suggest for up to the moment canapé options. Depending on your personal needs, you can integrate them into almost any type of event or dinner party. Contact us to find out how a Personal Chef can create the ultimate canapé menu for your next party of function.