Personal Chef

Being a parent transforms you into a busier person than you ever thought possible: school, appointments, play dates, errands, and sports drop-offs fill your calendar so quickly, by the time your family is asking “what’s for dinner?” you already spent.

Grocery shopping, menu planning, cooking and clean-up take up a lot of time. What if you could hire a personal chef to take care of all of that for you? A personal chef will come into your home and prepare fresh, delicious meals, catered to you and your families tastes and dietary needs. On top of that, hiring a chef will save you money and your very valuable time.

Fewer trips to the grocery store

A personal chef will do your grocery shopping for you. After your weekly menu is created, they will shop for only the best and freshet ingredients to use as they prepare all of  your meals. Some personal chefs will allow you to add in extra items that they can grab for you at the store to save you even more time.

Just Turn On the Oven

You know the weeknight drill. You finish a full work day, then make a few trips to sport practice drop offs and after school appointments. Once you get home, you still have the daunting task of dinner prep in front of you when all you want to do is relax. Imagine coming home after a hectic day and simply having to turn on the oven and pop a complete meal into the oven. Done. Once you hire a personal chef, your weeknight dinner prep could be as simple as turning on the oven.

More free time

When moms and dads are asked what they want more of, they will always say time. Parents simply do not have enough time in their day to fit everything in. Hiring a personal chef is like adding more hours to your day. Hours that you can spend with your family, doing the things you really want to be doing.

Budget friendly

Many people believe that hiring a personal chef will be a costly addition to their budget. On the contrary, hiring a personal chef will most likely save you money. If you compare the money spent on fast food drive- thrus and eating out at restaurants to the cost of a personal chef, you will see that a personal chef will cost the same amount or even less per week. Add in the benefits of more free time and healthier eating, and the personal chef will always win out as the better bargain.

In our busy lives, eating well and healthfully, spending quality time with family and friends, and simply relaxing often fall to the bottom of our to-do lists. A personal chef can help make it possible for you to move these much needed items back up to the top of your list.